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Two years ago today

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I started a consulting gig in New York City on July 12, 2004.

Prior to that day my NYC memories were confined to New Year’s Eve going into 1992 and a nightmare wrong turn sometime in 2000 or so. I’d never spent a night in New York City and felt no attraction to it. I wouldn’t have believed that today, two years later, the city would be my home.

The day I arrived the city was hot, cloudy, and rainy. The people were all strangers and the office where I was working was a dump. I clearly remember being excited and happy. Why did I fall in love with New York City that day?

Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour

Sunday, June 18, 2006

In keeping with my tradition of posting photos a week or more after I take them, I now present the photos for the June 11 Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour.

This was the second Big Onion tour I’ve attended. It was was actually more a historical tour of the Lower East Side with various ethnic snacks thrown in at appropriate locations. I recommend it if you like history and snacks.

The evolution of the Lower East Side is very interesting. Over time many areas have had different ethnic groups take hold, evolve, and ultimately move onward. As such buildings such as the Delancy Church (site translated by Google from Spanish to English) and the Eldridge Street Synagogue are a showcase of a variety of different influences. The Eldridge Street Synagogue is peacefully and productively shared by different ethnic groups. In one of the pictures you can see a Jewish Gentleman sharing a table with some Asian folks. Several groups were interacting and presenting to visitors.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

I’m 34 today. 34 seems like a very adult age.

It’s been a good day. I had brunch with Amy and Dave, kicked around with Carlin a bit, and now I’m hanging out at Starbucks. (I’m happy to say I’m typing on my PowerBook, which has a new, bigger, and faster hard drive). I’m going to hang out with Audra later, and tomorrow I’m going to hit a Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour. All in all not a bad weekend.

I suppose I’ll get used to being 34.

Who steals an umbrella?

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Seriously, who the hell steals an umbrella?

I parked my umbrella in a provided “umbrella bucket” while dining last night at Gabriela’s. When I returned to pick it up it was gone.

It was a tiny Totes umbrella, so I highly doubt someone mistook mine for theirs.

Gabriela’s isn’t a high end restaurant, per se, but it’s a pretty nice place. Just another reminder that class has nothing to do with how much money you have or where you eat.

Amy generously donated hers and she shared Dave’s umbrella with him, so I got home dry. Angry, but dry.

Memorial Day Ride

Monday, May 29, 2006

Took a good ride through the city today. About halfway through the ride I remembered that on Memorial Day two years ago I went on a memorable ride through Cincinnati and some of its outlying rural areas.

The ride two years ago was memorable for the varied scenery and the long (for me) distance of 53 miles. Today’s ride distance was a modest 22.79 miles, but there was a lot of city scenery.

After replacing my rear tube (I only blew up one in the process, which is sadly an improvement) and picking up an extra from Bicycle Renaissance I headed to the 72nd Street entrance of Riverside Park. I rode up to the top (around 158th Street) and then all the way down to the bottom. I continued on the bike path until I hit Pier 88, where I passed some of the ships visiting for Fleet Week, and then ran into Chelsea Piers a little later. I rode further until I ran out of path somewhere around the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry.

I rode back home through the city–past Wall Street and Ground Zero, through SOHO, and then in a zig-zag west-east-west again pattern through midtown. At one point on Fifth Avenue (around 42nd Street) I ran into some sort of event with a sea of people. It was quite a spectacle to look into it from a bit of a distance. (Note to self: Bring a camera next time you go exploring New York on a bike, especially on a holiday.)

I was good on my bike today–I obeyed the traffic lights and the rules of the road. The highlight of my day was when a New York bike cop–in full Pacific Blue garb–yelled, “Take the light! Take the light!” as I patiently waited at a light in front of Radio City Music Hall. No wonder New York streets are anarchy.

Riding through the city–dodging cabs, pedestrians, and other cyclists–was energizing. There’s a perspective about places you can’t get anywhere else but on a bike. I always feel I know an area better after I’ve seen it on a bike. I know New York a little better after my ride today.

I suppose I could call Memorial Day rides a tradition if I’d ridden last year in addition to two years ago and if I’d actually planned to ride today. I guess the Memorial Day Ride is more of an accidental tradition, or maybe a tradition patiently waiting to be noticed.

Note to self: Remember to ride next year on Memorial Day. Bring some folks along. And don’t forget a camera.

A tourist in my own city

Monday, May 29, 2006

I played tourist yesterday by attending the Big Onion Central Park tour.

Apparently before New York was known as the Big Apple it was the Big Onion. Or so the Big Onion Web site says.

What a shame the park threw out the sheep.

Pics here.

Union Square, May 13

Monday, May 29, 2006

From the “Delayed Postings” file comes some random pics taken in Union Square a couple Saturdays back

(If you can’t see the pics, try this link instead.)

Radiohead live from Germany in my living room

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I’m been rocking out to Radiohead’s “Updated Experimentation”, a live concert DVD, all morning. It’s pretty good, pretty damn good.

Never heard of it? That might be because you don’t buy DVDs from street fair vendors. I didn’t either, but Dave and I ran into an interesting booth on Columbus last Sunday. We were browsing through the selection when the proprietor, an older, rock and roller dude, offered to play them for us on his portable TV/DVD player. (You don’t get that kind of customer service from the average guy on the street selling King Kong).
We were impressed enough that I purchased the Radiohead DVD and Dave picked up a Led Zeppelin one (I’m sure Amy is thrilled).

So, if you’re in the market check out “Live Concert DVD’s”. (This is the literal spelling from the index card I was provided). The proprietor is Julius and he’s in the flea market at 4th and Broadway next to Tower Records. He’s open for business from 1 - 8 PM most days.

Yahoo! in Bryant Park

Monday, May 15, 2006

I stumbled upon the Yahoo! Tech Monkey Challenge on my morning walk through Bryant Park.

I took some pics (I’ll post them later).

They had a monkey on stage who looked like he (or she) was still gearing up for the day.

The rain is probably not going to help this event.

It’s goofy stuff like this that makes me love living in New York.

Delayed Photo Postings, Part 2: The Jen, Richard, and Grace Kelly Visit

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The weeks-old photo postings continue. This time I posted the pics from my day with Jen, Richard, and Grace Kelly.

Once again, if you can’t see them for some reason 1) email me (or leave a comment, if you don’t know my address) and tell me you can’t see them and 2) use the alternate link.

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