Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tech notes, week ending June 10

Today’s edition is being written at Panera Bread in Chicago. This place has more working professionals and students than a Starbucks. Given the free Wi-Fi it’s easy to see why.

I’m sweating to get this done before the WWDC keynote at 1:00 (12:00 CT). Since I’ve got the day off I’ll be tracking it. From oldest to newest:

Marc Andreesen is back on the Mac
I’d never heard he was a Mac user who left, but it’s a great endorsement. Read

iPhone developer kit at WWDC
Of all the rumors floating around, this one makes the most sense to me. Job’s already acknowledged it, and what better time to do it? Read

New MacBooks
They’re faster and I like the new display on the 15-inch. The hard disks are bigger. Tom Yager has a typically thoughtful piece on them.

Yet the case design never changes. The 17-inch is actually slightly larger than my three-year old 17-inch PowerBook. The 15-inch lost two-tenths of a pound, but the 17-inch is the same weight. The machines are still beautiful, but I want to see something new.

I was equally bummed (but not surprised) there’s no Robson caching, though at least one recent report questions the technology’s effectiveness. I’d expect if Apple’s going to implement it the technology will require Leopard.

If Leopard were already available I’d be seriously tempted to jump. My hope is redesigned MacBook Pro models will be released on conjunction with Leopard.

Parallels 3.0
There’s been of writing about the new version of Parallels; I liked Pogue’s article. I’m seriously psyched about this software. I can’t wait to retire my Dell Latitude and run Windows on a fast MacBook Pro. This made the MacBook Pro disappointments that much harder to swallow.

.Mac via Google
The rumor seems to have started with this posting, then a bunch of others followed (the Business Week blogger, ComputerWorld, etc.). This morning some site called MacScoop claims they’ve heard it from a (presumably reliable) source. A hot tip or a site hoping to gain credibility by claiming to have confirmation of a rumor they heard from someone else? We’ll see.

Somewhat off-topic but too brilliant not to mention
Floorplanner provides simple and effective tools for designing, uh, floor plans. It’s effective for my modest New York apartment planning needs, anyway.

Necessity is the mother of invention
A rule proven once again by a saint at MIT, who is working to develop the ability to wirelessly recharge batteries. I wish this existed now, because my battery is dead.

More later…

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