Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lights on

Friday, March 23, 2007

It’s raining in Cincinnati. Newport, KY, actually.

So it’s been about six months since I posted. Where have I been? Why no posts? Why am I back now? Who cares?

In order:

Where have I been?

The same places I usually am. New York, Asheville, Cincinnati, Chicago. Recently I’ve also been to Vermont a lot. The snowboarding there is great.

I still live in New York. I’m visiting the Cincinnati area this week.

Why no posts?

Lack of interest and other priorities. Writing is work.

Why am I back now?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and have some dead time at the moment, since I’m locked out of my company VPN due to a technical issue of some sort.

That and I’m sitting at the Innersync offices here in Newport and I’m listening to my friend Steve do a really great job consulting his client on search engine optimization. I’m really impressed at his skill. I knew he was good, but I’ve never seen him in action. Damn.

While eavesdropping on this conversation I learned Innersync shows third when you punch Cincinnati Web Design into Google. Once I heard that I entered my name for kicks and found out I’m at the top of the search results.

Who knew? I’m stoked. Now I feel obligated to keep my blog updated. The top-of-Google ranking is mine to lose.

On a more serious note I like writing about the things that interest me, and there’s a lot happening in a lot of areas. There are innovative products like the Apple TV, iPhone, and a bunch of Web services. I’m getting into digital photography. Snowboarding clicked for me this winter and I’m getting obsessed. I miss Web development. Et cetera.

Who cares?

Really just me, and apparently my friend Della, who heckled me from Christchurch in New Zealand (I think) yesterday.

My goal for this blog has never really been to get hits; it’s to record my thoughts and occasionally get involved in an interesting debate. Though I generally feel in the loop, I feel like an outsider when my blog goes dark.

So, the lights are on.

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